Yearbook Ordering

*Stay tuned for ordering details
for our 2018-2019 school yearbook!

You can use PayPal or your credit card to order!

Yearbooks will be delivered to students in June.
The year-end supplement will be mailed to your home in August.

You can order multiple Yearbooks and multiple Love Lines at the same time!
 Simply order one item, select 'Add to Cart'
Select 'Continue Shopping' and add the next item. 
 *Please be sure to include each child's name and homeroom
when ordering Yearbooks.

Love Lines are available in three different sizes: 
up to 30 words...$2.00
 31 and 60 words...$4.00
61 to 100 words... $6.00

Be sure to select the appropriate option when ordering and to include your child's name in each message ordered.  

**If you want to include love MUST put BOTH the yearbook/insert and love lines in your cart before you checkout.  

Yearbook + Year End Insert  ~ $22.00 

Love Lines 

Add a Personal Message to Our Yearbook
$2.00, $4.00 or $6.00
Example: Billie, Congratulations on a FABULOUS year! We are so proud of you! ~ Mom, Dad and Jane

If you have multiple students, you can either do separate Love Lines which will appear under their grade level or one Love Line to all which will appear under Family Connections.

Questions regarding payment can be directed to