Angel Network

Under today's tough economic conditions it is more important than ever to help our children succeed!

The Angel Network is a volunteer group of faculty, staff, parents and community members who provide basic material assistance to students on an immediate, short-term basis. This 'giving network' is linked by email and is activated when a need is identified. Our goal is to support a student's ability to focus on learning in school. Resources given can include the following:

~ School Supplies ~ Clothing ~ Groceries ~ 

~ Shoes ~ Snacks ~ Hygiene Items ~ Monetary Donations ~ 

How do we become a giver family? 

 In order to become a giver family, please email Mr. Fox, our Guidance Counselor, at .  Please be sure to include 'Giver Family for Angel Network' in the subject line and include your name, email address and phone number(s). When a need is identified, the Angel Network Cooridnator will send an email to the Angel Network Families asking for the items needed. There is NEVER any pressure to donate! If you are able to contribute, please respond to the email. All donated items are collected at the school. 

If you wish to provide a monetary donation, please send a check into the school made out to WES PTO and add 'Angel Network' to the memo line - or click here to donate using Paypal.

 How do we become a receiver family? 

 To confidentially receive assistance for your student, please contact one of the following school personnel via phone to 610-395-5851 or email: 

~ Ms. Desiderio, M.Ed. - Principal -

~ Mr. Fox - Guidance Counselor - ~

Please Note: All givers and receivers remain anonymous to one another. All giving/receiving is handled confidentially through the school.  

 We appreciate your generous spirit!